Updated Content for December 1st 2020

So Big, So Full Hfo is a special file to increase the size, weight of your balls, and to increase cum production with the use of a trigger.

Sorry it will be late, I didn’t realize I would have to attend to so many issues today related to the site upgrades. I am doing my best to implement them as quick as I can.

The file is sexy, and has a purpose, feel your cock and balls adored, worshipped. Your balls and cum production, transformed, with hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions

The ETA is 2pm eastern time at the latest, so be aware when you first get this post it may not be up yet….

Thanks for your patience x

Important Updates to the Site –Good News —Please Read :)

As advised previously, I have to make some upgrades due to some issues with the previous payment processor

So for the good news, fingers crossed….

Apart from some planned software updates handled by a developer, and a new psi compliant payment gateway, it should cause no disruptions to your existing membership or content.

The changes should be by early next week at the latest

If you have any issues with your existing membership before the upgrade just message me for help I can probably change it myself for you.

If you are trying to join right now, also message me x

Content update for your tomorrow….

Mesmerize Your Mind HFO

Want to take a break from thinking? want me to take the reins, and for you to have some forgetful bliss for up to an hour afterward?

there are NO safeties in this file make sure you have some quiet time and nothing to attend to!

this is an HFO file, where I brush away those pesky thoughts so you can be my vessel for pleasure!

Important Update regarding Billing–Please Read

A few days ago, I was advised by Stripe Processing they could not provide services due to my site having adult content.

I am in the midst of finding a processor, and I am trying to find one that can integrate with my membership site on wordpress.

if you have any problems with renewing an existing membership or using an existing membership, please let me know by contacting me, as I can resolve that for you directly.

I cannot process new memberships, or sell from my shop at least for a few days.

The new file coming on the 21st will be a mind melt hfo file.

Thank you for your support and patience x

The Winner is for the November Custom File Discount….

The closing time for submitting your name to this draw for members was yesterday, November 14th, by noon, Eastern Standard time.

I am ready to announce the winner for the 25 dollar coupon for a custom file and his initial is B.

In the interest of discretion, I only identify by initial.

I am in the process of notifying him directly.

Thank you for entering, and I will have another draw coming up for December that will be announced for that month.

Content Update for November 14th

Do you wish to have a woman that is flexible, formable, and defies the laws of gravity?

A beautiful ‘slime’ girl appears in your bathtub and shape shifts to please you.

This is a generic file of a custom file, and I thought it was a wild idea others would enjoy…

For fans of prostate play and pegging.

Lots of fun aquatic sounds in this HFO….enjoy

The draw will be done tomorrow, and announced by noon so another update coming soon x


The Witches are back…three of them, here to make you over into a more successful, virile, handsome, wealthy man with an adored cock.

This file has multiple orgasms, and prostate play with a big focus on visualization for all the goals.

Visualization with hypnosis is very powerful, and there is space and prompts to visualize the changes you desire.

Simply visualize the best you can, it does not have to be perfect, you can also affirm to yourself the change you are seeing, if it is hard to ‘see it’ in your mind.

This file focuses more on feeling good about your skills as a lover, about your cock, receiving the attention you desire for your cock, and has cock worship.

I am considering cutting out the prostate play as another version for those not desiring that, please give me time this month to see if I can offer that as one of the bonuses…

First Bonus for November and a Draw and…

I decided to recut the original version of Temple Goddess 4 to remove the enhancement of dominant qualities, to allow for a more purely submission themed version of this file.

I want variety for different tastes and moods.

The other bonus for the month for members is 25 dollars off a custom hypnosis file, good for six months.

You must write me to enter this draw, if you are not interested in custom work in the next six months, please allow those who are to take advantage of this draw.

I will take entries by email, simply contact me by email directly or through the contact page, up to November 14th noon Eastern Standard time, and announce by that time on the 15th.

I will be offering some more bonus content through the month as well…

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy November….

November 1st Content Update Temple Goddess 4

yes, time for another Temple Goddess in fact, quite overdue….

A lovely gentleman asked me for a new one as a custom version, and through his imaginings and mine, there is an interesting dichotomy: some submission themes of being under the Temple Goddess’ power, compelled to submit to her desires, and also being encouraged to increase some feelings of male dominance, and confidence. A little something for both male submission and male dominance tastes…

Also having some themes of exhibitionism, CFNM, and a little twist at the end

it is truly best with headphones, a lot of neat effects in each ear during the countdown, and in the background

I enjoyed revisiting this Temple Goddess scenario, and I hope you all enjoy it