My membership site, which involves an online listening library in a subscription format is no longer hosted on this domain. Please see the home page for the link or under the membership page here, or contact me for membership services,

Other Services:

Custom Erotic Hypnosis Recordings Mp3

An mp3 file of a custom hfo/erotic hypnosis recording designed for you

Conditioning Files

Personal Foundational files designed to strengthen hypnotic depth, triggers, and response

Custom Subliminals

Create erotic changes and responses, any goals or heightening desires. Manifest and program the changes you desire, including non erotic.

Personalize an Existing Track

Have your name or other added whispers to an existing audio


*Please note as per terms and conditions, my fees may be subject to change without notice. I appreciate your patronage, but with limited time available, and I may be unable to work on some projects due to subject matter, fit, and more.

Files are created for personal use, not for resale, broadcast, or sharing. I offer fair prices for non exclusive files, meaning I reserve the right to make generic versions, or use the scripting. Files take hours to create, from the scripting, recording, edits, and multiple layers, so I offer this to keep the prices down.

I am also happy to make exclusive files, but please be aware this inflates the prices often 3 times or more.

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