Content Update October 21st

A suggestion that has come up before, a track for sexual confidence and being a better lover.

It is an HFO yet the focus is more on making changes to being more comfortable, more confident while intimate with your female partner.

Enjoying your body, feeling confident in your body, noticing you have more stamina, are touching, kissing and exploring your partner in the way she craves, moving the way she desires.

You both have more sensitivity and better orgasms, you feel comfortable in your sexual desires and being a sexual being.

It has subliminals strengthening these ideas, saying you are a wonderful lover and see the evidence, and more, playing through half of the audio under the track below the threshold of hearing.

It is directed at men having sex with women as an audience, but I can adjust it and will be making a copy to a more genderless version if anyone wishes such a version.

My bonus track will be a Temple Goddess HFO track that will be up on the system by 22nd at noon Eastern Standard time.

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