Content Update October 7th

My Pet HFO is a very gentle HFO whose primary goal is to enhance feelings of trust, ability to let go and fall deeper, and respond to triggers.

The triggers are soft here, and not as many.

Very gentle, soothing femdom, more after care.

There is a command for HFO, but that is not the focus, and it is not as explicit as some of my other files. This is the generic version of a custom file won by a VIP member during September’s draw.

I am considering loading up an alternate version without the term my pet with more triggers…if that is of interest, please let me know

Now, remember, that means that there are FIVE HFOS this month, as while I am loading it up for content because I wanted to complete it quickly for him, within the next week there is a second file that will be loaded up BEFORE my normally scheduled October 14th.

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