No Panties Surprise HFO and Conditioning Loop Subliminal… New for July

Has a woman ever leaned over and whispered I have no panties on?

Uploaded for July, a fun generic version of a custom Erotic Hypnosis HFO file, be seduced by a near stranger, who taunts you with her body, try to resist, but who is taking who by the end?

Subliminals and post hypnotic commands to be sexually confident, have more testosterone, pheromones, be dominant yet respectful, to have women adore you.

Some gentle femdom elements that turn as you take control at the end.

The conditioning loop to help deepen the trance commands of the HFO and including the same subliminals of the HFO track to reinforce these changes and commands to your subconscious.


Pheromone Increase Hypnosis Added for July

The accompanying non erotic hypnosis for the Pheromone Increase Tantric Subliminal was added yesterday.

No it is not an HFO, but it is designed to help you secrete more pheromones, have more tantalizing pheromones to increase your sexual attractiveness and magnetism and works well with the subliminal.

This version has no binaurals, but if I hear feedback requests, I can load up the binaurals version too that is available in the shop….

Full of subliminals all on its own, with hypnotic and post hypnotic as a hypnosis track, this Pheromone Increase attraction hypnosis is an immersive plan–particularly when paired with the Pheromone Tantric Subliminal–to make your pheromones and magnetism a compelling, erotic brew to others in your life….

Remember, for best results, listen to the subliminal daily for 21 to 40 days, the hypnosis should be listened to twice a week at least for 3 to 4 weeks, even listening as you sleep helps with saturating your subconscious with commands….

For those Craving Intense Submission – New for July

This is a generic version of a custom session in which you get collared in dark ritualistic fantasy.

Collaring You Deep Submission HFO

Definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those craving very strong femdom themes, and to submit in a profound way.

A mysterious dungeon, ritualistic themes, smoking, face sitting, foot worship, some sado masochistic themes of marking your body including with a lit cigarette… Don’t say you were not warned…:)

Pheromone Increase-Tantric Binaurals Subliminal

New for June …to be released on YouTube.

I had a request to make a pheromone release hypnosis, and this subliminal is part of it. Designed to increase the release of more pheromones, to program your subconscious to be more chemically sexually magnetic: more potent pheromones, increased pheromone release.

It has binaurals designed for sacral stimulation and genital stimulation, ASMR tantric breathing, fast hypnotic heart beat, subliminals for increased quality of pheromones plus erotic empowerment reiki and attraction mantras. For best results, listen for 21 to 40 days daily, then less often (once a week). You can throw it on at night if you desire or play in the background.

Pay attention to the changes from those around you 😉

The hypnosis will be arriving sometime soon…


By custom order, I created a track on erotic lucid dreams, an hfo and also a sleep hypnosis to take you to sleep to have some erotic lucid dreams. This is the generic version.

Lucid dreams are ones in which you realize you are dreaming while you are in the dream, and may be able to direct the dream. There are hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions to have an erotic lucid dream, control it, and remember the dream.

Triggers are the word pleasure, finger snaps, and lucid dream.

Long induction with fractionation, and is a multiple orgasm track

This was a very time intensive track, probably about 10 tracks running at that same time, and because the hfo track is to be listened to before bed, I instruct you to sleep and wake up refreshed when you desire, and have a lucid dream.

I decided to add the subliminal to the end, more of a true subliminal to not disturb sleep…

There are soft waves, synths, and rainfall as the background. I really hope you enjoy this one.

New for June

By request, this new HFO Erotic Hypnosis

I have had several requests for this track, an Ass Worship track with strong femdom elements.

It comes with a conditioning file subliminal (loop).

I have another file to load up shortly for multiple orgasms and creating erotic lucid dreams….

It is always great for me to hear the kind of tracks you all enjoy…

Personalizing a Hypnosis or Conditioning Track

What could be better than hearing me whisper right to you….

What could be sexier, more arousing than to hear your name whispered throughout the file you are listening to? To hear my seductive voice speaking softly in your ears, saying your name… to hear sexy moans, and your name called out?

It’s very easy, I can add this to the file of your choice as an additional asmr track.

If you have bought the file previously, the charge is simply for the personalization service. Otherwise, the mp3 charge for the track, is additional.

The personalization service is 20 normally, but you can also receive two for 35 usd now as a member

One file

The deal is on the members page for 2 files

If you want to hear something else, please chat with me first. I can see if its possible to put in the track you wish, and if there is extra work involved, let you know the additional charge.

I will be running this throughout June as well. The turn around time would be one to two weeks.


How to Cancel a Paid Membership

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But if you must, here’s how to do it:

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To My Valued Members

Just a quick hello from me, and more about membership

Thank you for subscribing to a paid membership. This helps support my work and provides me with more time to create more content.

I noticed some of you used the subscribe button for updates, so I thought I would make updates through my new blog. For the month of June and onward, I will be notifying to anyone subscribed to blog updates, about new released material in the members area and shop.

That way you can be alerted once new material comes out.

I will also be adding any new youtube files here a day ahead of youtube release.

For a monthly bonus, I will be running a 10 percent discount for those of you that enjoy purchasing mp3s through the shop until the end of May.

That will require a special discount code to obtain the discount, that you must write me to obtain, so I can verify your membership.

(Please note that does not apply to any custom, skype, or personalizing service at this time.)

Welcome to my new Website

Welcome to TantraGoddess888 Erotic Hypnosis

Thank you for visiting my site. I am glad you are here with me…

If erotic hypnosis is new to you, please browse the site and be sure to check out my adult youtube channel for plenty of free content.

I am a certified hypnotist, I go by TantraGoddess888 when doing erotic hypnosis. I chose the name TantraGoddess888 because of my varied background; in addition to hypnosis, I have studied the metaphysical and spirituality for many years, and I am a certified Reiki Master, among many other healing modalities. And yes, I know some Tantra.

I incorporate healing into some of the tracks, and at times I will work directly with chakras.

Some of my fans love this aspect of my work, some of you sensitive to subtle energies have reached out to me to tell me how much you love this aspect of my work…but there is nothing wrong with simply enjoying the sensual pleasure of pure eroticism and surrendering to my voice….

I am going to use this blog to write about erotic hypnosis and related topics, talk about my work, and to make announcements to visitors, and to my valued members who support my work, including when I release new content, have bonuses or discounts running.

I am glad you visited, and I know you enjoy listening to my work.