About Me

About TantraGoddess888

Let Me enter your mind, and immerse you in My world……

TantraGoddess888 is a tantalizing aural Temptress leading you on a path of sensual pleasure, and erotic delight. While Erotic Hypnosis is generally considered merely recreational, TantraGoddess888 often incorporates some therapeutic post hypnotic suggestions, for example, better erections, lasting longer, and heightened orgasmic pleasure. Her Erotic Hypnosis is often known for featuring complex layering and subliminals, and strong narrative story telling. Most of her current work for Erotic Hypnosis is aimed at a male audience, although the odd gender-neutral, and tracks for females, exist. Audio files deal with multiple fantasies and topics. TantraGoddess888 easily wields her female power to increase your submission, and can just as nimbly build your male dominance, should you desire.

TantraGoddess888 is a professionally trained certified Consulting Hypnotist licensed with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

She is also a certified Reiki master, and has studied and utilized different healing modalities in her work. In addition to hypnosis, she also creates subliminals, and often incorporates these, and sometimes energy work, in her audios. She is sensual, sex-positive, and entirely at home, in her Divine feminine Goddess energy.