Lightly Entranced 3

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148. female BOss 2

the follow up to Female Boss

do you want to keep your job

you better keep the new female boss happy

follow the new dress code and perform oral servitude

147. Fall into My eyes Vampire LONG

Imagine an Elvira type Vampire, teasing you with that awesome full cleavage as she takes you down with Her eyes

So beautiful

so many chances to cum

I added more recording by request to the last file ( there is a short version available to other tiers)

multi release file


I got ambitious time wise doing this and set myself a bit behind for the update today, should be up this weekend if not tomorrow

146. Wicked HYpnotist Makes you Crave Femdom

That Wicked Hypnotist is up to her tricks again

You want to be cured of your craving for femdom… why is she driving it deeper into your mind?

Her exposure therapy might help you get over it…someday….wicked laugh


taken from My other Latex file a little load up shortly for YouTube. Its unlisted right now and only able to view early by subscribers.

144. Bell Trigger

143. Tantric Pleasure Orgasm or NOFAP track 73.6hz Genital Stimulation

This track is F4M, with pulsating beats of brainwave entrainment, binaural beats, 73.6 genital stimulation sound of female sensual pleasure includes also

I put this over 18

YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN to your gmail account TO WATCH as per all over 18 videos on YT. CLICK ON underlined “WATCH ON YOUTUBE LINK” to watch this unlisted video.( And sign in to your Gmail account on YT)


Sacred sounds

Sanskrit sexual healing

Chakra Healing

sounds of female sexual pleasure

and energy building subliminals that you are a sex god and your energies and ability to attract is builiding use this to NOFAP or to climax to these intense pleasure building energies

USE A HEADSET binaurals are brain wave entrainment that work to create a mind set theta state for this one and tones play differently in each ear building in intensity

use this energy to manifest, climax or more

142. Penis Enlargement Subliminal DOWNLOAD

A subliminal version of the suggestions in the hypnosis


that has inaudible suggestions
hidden under the sounds

and also computer generated

be sure to read about subliminals on the site for info on how to listen and how they work

it’s a tool to access your subconscious mind

meant to reinforce the hypnosis of the same name

DOWNLOAD BELOW, download player right click on right side for download option

141. Penis enlargement HYPnosis

I get asked often to do Penis enlargement

when I use more clinical language I can get this on YOUTUBE later


Some explainer about why it works and how it works

this is not visualization or triggers but suggestions to your Subconscious to allow your ligaments to relax to help more of your cock come out from your body

this is what urologists do for penis enlargement, they make an incision on these ligaments to allow your penis, that is partially inside your body, to have more of it showing and accessible outside

and also other suggestions of cell renewal / stem cells to help it remodel and grow

Your subconscious mind believes what you tell it to be true, so give it those suggestions that you want to implant to allow it to work for you


multiple requests have been made to have more chances to cum

I can make you cum and cum and cum

short 3 count commands, longer commands and more extended

cum and cum for Me

139. Television indoctrination

Early view of video for YouTube

I come through your tv to make you submissive

tell you to tell your friends to watch

no hfo

138. tantra exercises NOFAP: Magnetize, attract women, manifest YOUTUBE

redo of the tantra exercises cutting the hfo out, and concentrating on the exercises to practice retention (chastity) for a period of time you choose, and using those stored energies to be more sexually magnetic, attract women and gives you space to call in your own manifestations.


your gender is not mentioned so it can be for anyone

ASMR creates a relaxation response and triggers tingles in those that are sensitive to ASMR, that was created with close talking the 3d mic and sounds. Breath sounds, mouth sounds are meant to enhance the effect….

for YOUTUBE ASMR channel….

download below

136. Tantric Exercises HFO

some light tantric exercises with some chakra energy work, affirmations of building your sexual energies and sexual magnetism

Gets more explicit toward end of file

Multiple chances to cum, encourages dry energetic orgasm

135. Every Day is better and Better Youtube

affirmations for feeling better and better every day and every day being better and better, to be released on YT

Spinning and Spinning Feel better for Me

134. Spinning and Spinning Feel Better for Me

Spiral video for obedience

craving My voice

and feeling better


Look Deeply into My eyes, Keep Looking

133. Look Deeply INto My Eyes Micro loop YOUTUBE

a simple hypnotic loop with a video

132. What is Erotic HYPNOSIS Session only SEE BELOW DOWNLOAD

track cuts out the explainer at the start and features session only

131. What is Erotic hypnosis And Session YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD

As promised, I was going to go some more sex positive content for YouTube, and try a different approach.

Yes, there is teaching, explanation and I sound more conversational or clinical before I do a HFO session, that is a bit sensual but not explicit

Very suitable for those newer to it or trying for the first time, or those wishing to learn more why it works.

This is an attempt to have the content on YouTube within their guidelines

It will be 18 plus but it is being billed as teaching and education.

First roughly 8 minutes is about hypnosis, about erotic hypnosis and the goal of the session.


Goddess Ishtar has bestowed favour on you as a human consort, so she heals and balances your energies and gives you different gifts and blessings

💪Reiki and energy work (chakras too)

💪subliminals and suggestions running through the file some entirely inaudible

💪some different volume levels

In this file, it is a transformation file to build muscle, stamina, strength. SFW only the other file is HFO.

This is meant to increase your results from workouts, AND even to to increase toning and muscles through simple visualization, and a trigger in the file that you can use anytime

when it says to visualize it try to do so, and even see yourself working out when you are not, imagining the muscles working

For best results listen often (at least daily until you see results and then as needed)

Visualizing is trying to see the body you desire, as your own.

Having trouble seeing it? have an inner dialogue what it looks like: My biceps are two inches bigger etc. Put a pic up on fridge of what you are hoping to achieve from a magazine and feel you are looking at yourself as you are now when you pass it

It works with Law of Attraction, and also subconscious programming

your subconscious mind believes what you tell it to be real. So dream of what you want, and it will start working to achieve it

having doubts, not listening, will not give you results you desire. Let go of attachment to it (really wanting it and feeling you don’t have it) and let go of doubt. Have fun with it and feel good. FEEL as though you have already achieved it.

That is end result in Law of Attraction, and being the vibration of what you want to attract (feeling good, strong, confident etc )

I have information on subliminals and hypnosis on the site see menu

And I can get this past YouTube lol

129. I can Make you Better and Better (I can 3) Download YOUTUBE

First nine minutes roughly of my I can Make you Fall ( I can 2) and suggestions added to feel calm, peaceful, able to face your day and everything gets better and better, and you feel better and better

F4A, SFW for YouTube. Download for personal use, by right clicking on right side of this player


A simple femdom loop for submission building

127. Blessings of the goddess

this is for the November 2nd upload, loading early

This file is a generic version of a custom file I made

featuring an ancient Goddess Ishtar 

to build sexual magnetism and confidence

with chakra work (tantra lovers will enjoy)

sensual massage, cock worship

prostate play 

hfo as well

inaudible subliminals and barely audible subliminals building sexual magnetism and attraction

126. You Are not Alone Alien 1

An alien abduction of the sexy kind

Can’t move, helpless to resist being milked for your sperm

cum building commands

I think there needs to be an alternative version with an alien probe before the end of the month as a bonus

125. You deserve to be worshipped Tantric Reiki Healing

This is a tantric inspired reiki healing with chakra work, and cock ( lingham ) worship

Slower, sensual and meant to create some magnetic uplifting energies to help your aura and alleviate a sense of sexual shame while creating a loving hfo experience

let Me know your thoughts…..x

Please remember to visit as well Loyal Fans, I can add some content there I cannot put on YT, I do have some free goodies and treats there if you follow Me including additional subscribe options with more coming too

There is a chat feature and other ways for me to engage more there.

TantraGoddess888 Femdom Submission Training’s Secret Photos and Videos Only for Loyal Fan (

124. MY PET JUST DROP ASMR LOOP (backtrack of file) DOWNLOAD

backtrack download of the file by the same name, as an ASMR loop of the back layers coming soon to ASMR channel See special player right click on right side to download


Multi layered ASMR MIC effects. Please use a headset to get the effects

No background. ASMR effects is created by close talking the mic, and using a special 3d mic to get a wrap around effect closer to human hearing. ASMR uses sound to create physical sensations like tingles and your fine hairs standing up, shivers down your body. Some people respond more to ASMR and it is highly pleasurable and relaxing. Please note, this type of file has more breathing and breath sounds, and mouth sounds ( sound like clicks etc) picked up by the mic to enhance this effect.

A gentle femdom piece, using Just Drop as a trigger throughout, with NO FINGERSNAPS. Using Get Harder for Me throughout as the trigger for arousal, and come now, without the snap as the release

-I was requested to not have snaps

-and also to use the 3d mic

-and JOI… as this functions as hypnosis and JOI depending on your preference

these were three different requests combined for three patrons.


Subliminal loop of affirmations below, plus barely audible everyone loves your cock whispered hundreds of times


528 hz for confidence, and rain drops

This audio has no wake up command, but a 12 minute hypnosis that becomes just a subliminal underneath that is meant for you to drift off to and to keep hearing the inaudible subliminals throughout the whole track as you rest. A headset is recommended :

everyone loves your cock

You have a great penis

You love your cock

You always get praise for your cock

you feel more and more confident

you please your partner easily

you love how it looks

it is growing

and more

This features visualization exercises. It may sound hard to believe, but studies show that transformative changes can happen with the power of visualization and belief. You don’t need to wish for a physical change to listen, it is also to have better experiences, experience more worship from your partner

120. Mind VIrus: OBedience SFW

recut version more safe for YouTube please see below no HFO in it, just obedience conditioning


your computer is being taken over by a virus, that is also taking you over as well. Have your programming deleted so I can upload my own. Strong femdom themes no safety on the file ( but I do have conditioning removal track here ) Mind control, submission, and obedience training.

If this is enjoyed I will make more with more programs

and make a sfw YT version…

Please note there is an alarm sound in the file as a trigger warning

118. Sink to the SPiral Hypnosis YOUTUBE

gentle femdom light mind games, telling you that trance feels wonderful and priming you to enjoy trance more and more. A short hypnosis with light submission training or those that just love spiral videos when I load it on YouTube

117. FRee of Pain Subliminal YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD

Goals let go of pain and discomfort, balance energy blockages creating this as well. Some audible messages with inaudible messages. Audio masking and software created subliminals, reverse back masking, forced subliminal and more. Low theta binaurals, use low volume. USE A HEADSET.

116. Free of Pain Hypnosis YOUtUBE downLOAD

a short hypnosis with suggestions and visualizations to help dissolve pain and discomfort

Bonus as a Download at this level

115. Better Erections Hypnosis (Also Helps ED) YOUTUBE

YT censors likely cannot take this down as it is not for purposes of arousal, but rather as a sexual aid or education etc that they do allow. This helps instill a trigger, visualizations and suggestions for better stronger erections.

Goals Better circulation and blood flow Better erections minimizing issues affecting quality of erections

114. Under the Depths with a Siren Once More

another visit with the Siren, oral

113. Trance Is Easy ANxiety release

yes you get it here first

a recut of the Trance is Easy file for YT, so those pesky censors don’t take it down.

This file was meant as a file that can appeal to beginners and experienced that want to deepen their trance and also help remove anxiety, negative thoughts and be calmer and grounded in life

Post hypnotic suggestions to this as well

and a repeating mantra and suggestions about trance being easy and fun 

there is a lot of positive reinforcement and praise that may appeal to those seeking a femdom flavour too…

112. Cigarettes and Sleep Trance ASMR LOOP DOWNLOAD

The sound of smoking can be relaxing and a nice ASMR effect. If you like ASMR you might enjoy drifting off to this SFW file with samples of the smoking and Sleep for Me script for my ASMR channel

111. Powerless to Resist Sleep For Me Short Sleep Hypnosis SFW F4A

a recut of the Sleep for Me file available at upper tiers, this one is SFW and will be on YT, with post hypnotic suggestions to have a good sleep when you sleep. Triggers are the smoking sounds and sleep or sleep for Me, with fingers snaps. There is a wake up on the file.

110. Sleep For Me

this is the file for June 7th thanks for your patience I have you where I want you, and you will sleep for Me. Think of a classic 60s villainness trapping you, inducing you into trance with her intoxicating smoke and leading you into sleep, very deep sleep….Sleep for Me

complex file lots of layers

Triggers word sleep, sleep for Me, finger snaps a bit less prominent and cum for me rather than cum now used.

109. REmove all unwanted conditioning

I have been asked for this track, and it will go up on YouTube soon. This is a track to remove any hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions/conditioning you no longer wish to have.

As a bonus it is downloadable to all tiers, not just Entranced and up. See link below

This is not exclusive content for June 7 or 14th, one file is likely posted by the evening, a very nice nsfw complex file you will love if you enjoy themes of femdom, smoking, and being put to sleep.

(YouTube content is never part of the 4 scheduled uploads unless there are two versions of a file, say a SFW YouTube and an NSFW version here)

Directions: stop listening to the file that contains suggestions that no longer resonate to you.

Two: Listen to this file as long as needed. It contains the command you are free of all suggestions that you no longer wish to have, so that you can keep the ones you want.

There is some barely audible subliminals repeating this in the background.

This is a safety track

Let me know how it works for you. 

108. SFW Keep watching the spiral YOUTUBE DOWnLOAD

same file with a safe for work edit, to keep YT censors happy. General suggestions of obedience, gentle femdom, nice beginner file or a short little femdom piece BONUS download at this tier


fans of energy work and Reiki long over due to do an energy healing/ reiki session as an ASMR style audio Note: I incorporate more elements than traditional reiki including other forms of healing there are various healing sounds, prayers and frequencies in the track most are inaudible the session is about 14 minutes and then it fades to subliminals and music so you can drift off you want, but the session itself is still ongoing for an hour Screen goes black about a minute in Loop this all night and you will feel a difference in the morning love to hear your feedback

106. Keep Watching the Spiral Pet F4A YoutuBE

My first Spiral video is going up on YouTube, for this HFO. You get it here first. As per YouTube I have to watch my heat level, but it is an HFO and I know you will enjoy it

105. Couple Pillow Talk ASMR (kissing/mouth sounds) sweet nothings, breathing F+M4A

Special credit and a big thank you to Andre,  a long time supporter, who contributed the male vocals that allowed me to create this

I did an ASMR with a romantic couple (male +female) and had both vocals included

this is nice to fall asleep to or help you manifest a relationship

5 hz binaurals

does anyone want an hour version?

Use a headset for full effect

104. INtoxicating Loop ASMR Femdom F4A

Content for Tantragoddess888 YouTube channel, you receive first. I created a loop out of most of the elements of the file below to increase submission to My intoxicating voice, still SFW. I will load up an HFO soon here, but nice to not worry about censors with this one.

103. Intoxicating ASMR hypnosis Short SFW F4A

a recut and edit of an existing file for upper tiers as an HFO, this file is now SFW, a gentle femdom piece to increase your submission to My intoxicating voice. You get it first, will be on the ASMR channel
it is a download right click on the 3 dots on the right side of this special audio player ( if not visible, just right click and see the download option)

102. Intoxicating ASMR HFO

Get intoxicated by My voice all around you

taking you down


639 base frequency 4hz binauaral beats softly in background

Music Heaven harp from Free Sounds Creative commons license…thanks X3nux

( I did a paul stretch and played a bit with the track)

Did both cum command types in track does that work?

101. Don’t Resist I always WIN HFO F4a

A big confusion file! HEADSET must be worn to experience effects. Binaurals playing messages in each ear continuously. No ramble or intro, just straight to taking you down. 

Different than typical file. How did it work for you? Comment or message

Messages to not resist and to resist in the background

I did the three count AND an extended count. Let me know your thoughts. I left the directions ambiguous, saying you come when I say it and snap my fingers which I need to know if that works for 3 counters or not. I can easily add the specific direction that it is a three count. Genderless. Less explicit HFO.  Bonus for Lightly Entranced, content still to come this month.