Lightly Entranced 3

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112. Cigarettes and Sleep Trance ASMR LOOP DOWNLOAD

The sound of smoking can be relaxing and a nice ASMR effect. If you like ASMR you might enjoy drifting off to this SFW file with samples of the smoking and Sleep for Me script for my ASMR channel

111. Powerless to Resist Sleep For Me Short Sleep Hypnosis SFW F4A

a recut of the Sleep for Me file available at upper tiers, this one is SFW and will be on YT, with post hypnotic suggestions to have a good sleep when you sleep. Triggers are the smoking sounds and sleep or sleep for Me, with fingers snaps. There is a wake up on the file.

110. Sleep For Me

this is the file for June 7th thanks for your patience I have you where I want you, and you will sleep for Me. Think of a classic 60s villainness trapping you, inducing you into trance with her intoxicating smoke and leading you into sleep, very deep sleep….Sleep for Me

complex file lots of layers

Triggers word sleep, sleep for Me, finger snaps a bit less prominent and cum for me rather than cum now used.

109. REmove all unwanted conditioning

I have been asked for this track, and it will go up on YouTube soon. This is a track to remove any hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions/conditioning you no longer wish to have.

As a bonus it is downloadable to all tiers, not just Entranced and up. See link below

This is not exclusive content for June 7 or 14th, one file is likely posted by the evening, a very nice nsfw complex file you will love if you enjoy themes of femdom, smoking, and being put to sleep.

(YouTube content is never part of the 4 scheduled uploads unless there are two versions of a file, say a SFW YouTube and an NSFW version here)

Directions: stop listening to the file that contains suggestions that no longer resonate to you.

Two: Listen to this file as long as needed. It contains the command you are free of all suggestions that you no longer wish to have, so that you can keep the ones you want.

There is some barely audible subliminals repeating this in the background.

This is a safety track

Let me know how it works for you. 

108. SFW Keep watching the spiral YOUTUBE DOWnLOAD

same file with a safe for work edit, to keep YT censors happy. General suggestions of obedience, gentle femdom, nice beginner file or a short little femdom piece BONUS download at this tier


fans of energy work and Reiki long over due to do an energy healing/ reiki session as an ASMR style audio Note: I incorporate more elements than traditional reiki including other forms of healing there are various healing sounds, prayers and frequencies in the track most are inaudible the session is about 14 minutes and then it fades to subliminals and music so you can drift off you want, but the session itself is still ongoing for an hour Screen goes black about a minute in Loop this all night and you will feel a difference in the morning love to hear your feedback

106. Keep Watching the Spiral Pet F4A YoutuBE

My first Spiral video is going up on YouTube, for this HFO. You get it here first. As per YouTube I have to watch my heat level, but it is an HFO and I know you will enjoy it

105. Couple Pillow Talk ASMR (kissing/mouth sounds) sweet nothings, breathing F+M4A

Special credit and a big thank you to Andre,  a long time supporter, who contributed the male vocals that allowed me to create this

I did an ASMR with a romantic couple (male +female) and had both vocals included

this is nice to fall asleep to or help you manifest a relationship

5 hz binaurals

does anyone want an hour version?

Use a headset for full effect

104. INtoxicating Loop ASMR Femdom F4A

Content for Tantragoddess888 YouTube channel, you receive first. I created a loop out of most of the elements of the file below to increase submission to My intoxicating voice, still SFW. I will load up an HFO soon here, but nice to not worry about censors with this one.

103. Intoxicating ASMR hypnosis Short SFW F4A

a recut and edit of an existing file for upper tiers as an HFO, this file is now SFW, a gentle femdom piece to increase your submission to My intoxicating voice. You get it first, will be on the ASMR channel
it is a download right click on the 3 dots on the right side of this special audio player ( if not visible, just right click and see the download option)

102. Intoxicating ASMR HFO

Get intoxicated by My voice all around you

taking you down


639 base frequency 4hz binauaral beats softly in background

Music Heaven harp from Free Sounds Creative commons license…thanks X3nux

( I did a paul stretch and played a bit with the track)

Did both cum command types in track does that work?

101. Don’t Resist I always WIN HFO F4a

A big confusion file! HEADSET must be worn to experience effects. Binaurals playing messages in each ear continuously. No ramble or intro, just straight to taking you down. 

Different than typical file. How did it work for you? Comment or message

Messages to not resist and to resist in the background

I did the three count AND an extended count. Let me know your thoughts. I left the directions ambiguous, saying you come when I say it and snap my fingers which I need to know if that works for 3 counters or not. I can easily add the specific direction that it is a three count. Genderless. Less explicit HFO.  Bonus for Lightly Entranced, content still to come this month.