The Witches are back…three of them, here to make you over into a more successful, virile, handsome, wealthy man with an adored cock.

This file has multiple orgasms, and prostate play with a big focus on visualization for all the goals.

Visualization with hypnosis is very powerful, and there is space and prompts to visualize the changes you desire.

Simply visualize the best you can, it does not have to be perfect, you can also affirm to yourself the change you are seeing, if it is hard to ‘see it’ in your mind.

This file focuses more on feeling good about your skills as a lover, about your cock, receiving the attention you desire for your cock, and has cock worship.

I am considering cutting out the prostate play as another version for those not desiring that, please give me time this month to see if I can offer that as one of the bonuses…

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