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Along the idea of Ultra Hypnosis that had to archive their content off the channel to stay and grow, or a host of other hypnotists that have a channel there, and faced similar challenges, it is no longer an over 18 channel. It will continue to feature my quality hypnosis content to tease and tantalize you and help you trance.

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….The more your mind, empties for Me! A resistance file where the commands are set up to make you fall deeper into trance if you are resisting it. Lots of layering. A safety in the file if you need to exit due to something urgent, as you are asked to go blank for Me with post hypnotic suggestions that it is for an hour after. A chance for multiple release. Can you resist?I am going to make this a release on YouTube, possibly with some edits…we’ll see.

Triggers finger snaps rating mildly explicit

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is erotic-hypnosis_banner-1.jpg


I reedited Witches 5: Make you My perfect Lover,  to create a short femdom hypnosis to encourage submission, to help transform you to My perfect toy.  Will be up on the ASMR channel soon. It is not explicit so listed as SFW due to being a clean version….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is erotic-hypnosis_banner-1.jpg

26. Captured by My web You must Submit F4a youtube version

Imagine yourself as a superhero, captured by a villainess, who plans to do wicked things to you as you lie helpless and under her hypnotic power, and ensnared in her webs. This idea was inspired by Sailor Moon, and is a generic version of a custom file.A can’t move file

( safeties to shift for comfort)

suggestions to let go of sexual hang ups, experiences, ideas that are not serving you, ones you want to release

It is an hfo file, but the idea of being held captive is more highlighted than explicit sex. This is the recut of a male version file available at different tiers.

triggers word pleasure, finger snaps extended cum command

25. Chastity for Me 2 Genderless HFO VERSION

This tease and deny file, instills directions of chastity. You can tease and edge but in this HFO version you can cum.

Mildly explicit, this version may be put on YouTube.

Triggers are finger snaps Rating Mildly explicit only

24. Chastity for Me 1 Genderless

This tease and deny file, instills directions of chastity. You can tease and edge but do not cum. The second version of this file, number 41 is the release version you listen to, when you want to be released from from chastity and have an hfo. Mildly explicit, will be put on YouTube shortly.

Triggers are finger snaps Rating Mildly explicit only

23. take You Down Can’t Move HFO

Do you like to resist? Or is it a bit of challenge to enter trance, with a busy mind? This multilayered track will confuse and delight you as you fall down and cannot move

Gender Neutral, mildly explicit, hfo track. Here ahead of YouTube upload. Enjoy.

22. Hands Free ORgasm Track Binaural Beats

Subliminal track to stimulate your sexual energies, have a hfo, or use to intensify solo sessions.

22. Can YOu Resist My trance? HFO

The more you resist, the deeper you fall, resistance is futile

Follow me under, you know you want to….

Triggers: finger snaps Rating mildly explicit

21. Hypnotically Hand Cuffed For Pleasure HFO

It is an erotic hypnosis Hfo with hypnotic commands to lock your hands with hypnotic hand cuffs. You will experience feeling restrained by these hypnotic hand cuffs, inhibiting the movement in your hands. If you enjoy a woman taking control, or just want to explore this theme for about 30 minutes, this is the track for you. What will I do, once I have you in my cuffs. It may be a bit more advanced, but I have tested this on a few subjects that have told me it works well. Please note, the directions are only during the session, and there are NO post hypnotic suggestions with this one for obvious reasons. Be sure to have your hands in your lap or over your head if you are lying down to have them comfortable and supported during the session once they lock into place.

This is NOT a beginner track.

Triggers: Verbal, and finger snaps Rating explicit

Hypnotically Handcuffed for Pleasure

20. Get Better Head Subliminal

Many audible and inaudible messages to get more oral sex, get better oral sex, she wants to swallow, women love your cock, women crave your cock and more. For best results use 21 to 40 days straight playing it even in the background or at night, and boost your results by adding visualizing (first person point of view as though you are looking down at someone performing oral for you, as though you are receiving it while listening. ) Program your subconscious mind, flood it with these new beliefs to receive better oral.

Rating explicit

Get Better Head Subliminal

19. Fall Deep To My Voice HFO ASMR

Follow my voice, gently leading you to a place of pleasure. On YouTube. My gentle whisper seducing you.

Triggers: verbal mainly a few finger snaps Rating: gentle femdom, hand, oral some explicitness

18. Have a Wet Dream Subliminal–Bonus File

A conditioning subliminal track to program you to have a wet dream, have more wet dreams. To enter your target’s dreams and create a web dream. The HFO file is only available at higher tiers of support at this time, thank you.

Rating Explicit

17. Icecream Eating Pussy Conditioning Hypnosis

You love eating pussy, and now you will crave it more and more. You will taste your favourite flavours; if that is already pussy, then you will crave the taste even more and be more and more excited doing it. You will experience her being more excited by it. Non Hfo. Binaurals for deeper trance. Erotic background of pleasure.

Triggers: licking pussy Rating: Some explicitness

16. Lollipop Fellatio Conditioning Hypnosis

Making a woman crave to perform oral sex, to imagine a cock tastes like rainbows and favourite flavours. She experiences more sexual pleasure from it. Fun to listen to or share with your female partner, or if you are really adventurous, listen as a way of experiencing being a woman. The track is not gender neutral, it does refer to the listener being a woman, if I have interest I can make a unisex track or one specific to men. Non Hfo.

Triggers: performing oral Rating: some explicitness

15. When The Lights Go Out HFO

What do you do when the lights go out? Be seduced and enraptured by me of course.

Triggers: Finger Snaps, verbal. Rating: sensual, soothing erotic.

15. TantraGoddess888 Conditioning Subliminal Track for Multiple Orgasms –Bonus Track

You are wanted, you have full control. You have multiple orgasms. Many layered subliminal with audible and inaudible messages.  Program your mind. For use with any multiple orgasm HFO or simply on its own.

14. You are Sexually Magnetic (Explicit Short Version) Subliminal

Be sexually magnetic, turn heads, Audible and inaudible suggestions. Lots of moans.

13. Pleasing You HFO

Lose yourself to being pleasured, with hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions of having a powerful erection and mind-blowing orgasm, plus feelings of calm and safety to help soothe you during these pandemic times.

Triggers: words, finger snaps. Rating: Sensual, erotic, oral

12. Just You And Me HFO

This was a simple HFO with a simple setting and scenario, focusing on sensations I am creating for you in this erotic hypnosis. Limited subliminals and commands, other than sensory commands. Pure HFO

Triggers: words and finger snaps. Rating: sensual/explicit

11. Double Succubus Subliminal

The conditioning Track on youtube, for the HFO file available at higher tiers of support, at this time.

There are a few Succubus Themed Files, and this was meant as a conditioning track to help you with the commands of each file.

10. Be My Foot Pet Conditioning File Loop

Some light humiliation on this submission themed hfo, you are my lowly foot pet, and you must obey by worshipping my feet.

Triggers: finger snaps Rating; explicit, submission, some light degrading/humiliation

8. Pussy Worship HFO

Warning: This HFO is from several requests for creating more submission through commands, and pussy worship. Very gentle binaural beats and isochronic theta music. Head phones recommended to get the best out of binaural beats

Triggers: Finger Snaps, verbal. Rating: Explicit, performing oral, femdom

7. Energy Orgasm HFO

Doing some energy work and trying to induce a full body energetic orgasm and HFO a few times. Men sensitive to subtle energies and energy work love this one, as do fans of multiple orgasms.

Triggers: Finger snaps, verbal. Rating: Moderately explicit, energy work, oral.

6. Sensual Gender Neutral HFO

A sensual, suggestive erotic hypnosis session, unisex.

Triggers: Finger Snaps, verbal. Rating: Suggestive

5. Be Dominant Testosterone Release With GFE HFO

A sensual girlfriend scenario bringing out the alpha male. Subliminals of You are dominant, and instructions to release more testosterone.

Triggers: Finger Snaps, verbal. Rating: Explicit, oral, sex, mild domination

4. Temple Goddess Session Three HFO

Entering the temple a third time, you are fully seduced and given a few chances to climax. Triggers: Finger snaps and verbal.

Rating: Explicit, sex, multiple orgasms

3. Temple Goddess Session Two JOI/HFO

A second visit to the temple where you can give your personal offering, can be used as a JOI or HFO

Triggers: hand kinesthetic and verbal (words) Rating: Explicit

2. Temple Goddess Session One HFO

Enter the Temple, for forbidden pleasures and ancient sex rites.

Triggers: hand kinesthetic and verbal. Rating: Moderately explicit, oral                                                                                            

1. First session on Youtube Ocean Setting HFO

Be seduced into surrendering, as the waters lap around you, and I take you to orgasmic heights.

Triggers: hand kinesthetic, and verbal (words). Rating: Mildly explicit, erotic, hand job