New BONUS HFO for month of AUGUST

yes, it’s bonus time, and what will be make this a total of FIVE HFOS this month, (the other two HFOS will be loaded up on the 14th and 21st)

Can you resist my trance? or will resisting make you fall deeper instead? Can you resist my control and will to get you there? My voice leading you…

Some gentle femdom leading you where you want to go, some gentle mind messing to get you into trance…


Oops first of all…this is what happens during a pandemic, I did not even realize what day it was and then rushed to load up the content….lol.

I do have bonus content today too…

These tracks are all about what you know and love…breasts. Two breast worship themed tracks.

The HFO has some submission and femdom elements, drop down into trance by the thought of breasts, and this track has multiple chances to climax. This is a multiple orgasm track.

The Breast Worship Subliminal Conditioning Loop, also called Submit to Large Breasts, was a custom piece, and because of the overlapping themes I am including this as bonus content, but be aware the subliminal suggestions (audible and inaudible) are different, more about submission specifically to ‘large’ breasts, being more docile, and including the triggers of seeing illustrations and Hentai cartoons of large breasts which is not in the HFO.

If you enjoy breasts, if you enjoy some submission, these tracks are for you…


Just a quick update on my new way of billing….

Based on some of your feedback, I am no longer billing under TantraGoddess888, I have switched it to a more generic name made up of letters and numbers. I am not going to list publicly what that is as the point was discretion….lol.

If you get an mp3 through the shop, it will still show the invoice as Tantragoddess888 for the download but I have changed the name for payment statements, so that the billing through stripe should be something more generic sounding, it will say hypnosis on it as well.

I hope that helps…

Let Me Take Care of You HFO

This is a girlfriend experience HFO, loving, sensual, with lots of spooning. If you long for a safe have during these troubled times, if you want an erotic yet loving escape, this is the HFO for you. There are all the normal backgrounds and echoes, but also more inaudible subliminals throughout saying you are safe, secure, healthy, happy, and confident.

It has two purposes, to give you a warm loving hug of a… and also to reinforce feelings of increased happiness and safety.

This audio will be up by noon eastern standard time today.

This is the new track for today, I just realized picking ‘every Monday’ I may risk falling on other months, so I will revise this to loading up on the 1st, 7th, 14th and 28th, so look for more content over the next few days…

Content Update for TantraGoddess888…

I have previously guaranteed three new files a month but I am updating that to 4 each month.

To allow more content, as of August, I will be updating one new file weekly on Mondays by noon Eastern Standard time. Each of these files will be an HFO, any files you see added that are not HFOs, such as subliminals, are simply bonus content, and do not count towards the four HFO file minimum.

This also allows new members joining mid month to look forward to new content added on a regular basis basis.

If anyone has any questions, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know, I hope the new HFO file a month will be welcome news…

Hypnotically Hand Cuffed for Pleasure HFO

This new HFO track will be loaded up to the site by 6pm Eastern Standard time today, and will be debuting on youtube tomorrow by 10 am Eastern Standard time.

It is an erotic hypnosis Hfo with hypnotic commands to lock your hands with hypnotic hand cuffs.

If you enjoy a woman taking control, or just want to explore this theme for about 30 minutes, this is the track for you.

What will I do, once I have you in my cuffs?

It may be a bit more advanced, but I have tested this on a few subjects that have told me it works well.

Please note, the directions are only during the session, and there are NO post hypnotic suggestions with this one for obvious reasons.

I love to hear your feedback with this one!

Pheromone Increase Hypnosis Added for July

The accompanying non erotic hypnosis for the Pheromone Increase Tantric Subliminal was added yesterday.

No it is not an HFO, but it is designed to help you secrete more pheromones, have more tantalizing pheromones to increase your sexual attractiveness and magnetism and works well with the subliminal.

This version has no binaurals, but if I hear feedback requests, I can load up the binaurals version too that is available in the shop….

Full of subliminals all on its own, with hypnotic and post hypnotic as a hypnosis track, this Pheromone Increase attraction hypnosis is an immersive plan–particularly when paired with the Pheromone Tantric Subliminal–to make your pheromones and magnetism a compelling, erotic brew to others in your life….

Remember, for best results, listen to the subliminal daily for 21 to 40 days, the hypnosis should be listened to twice a week at least for 3 to 4 weeks, even listening as you sleep helps with saturating your subconscious with commands….

Pheromone Increase-Tantric Binaurals Subliminal

New for June …to be released on YouTube.

I had a request to make a pheromone release hypnosis, and this subliminal is part of it. Designed to increase the release of more pheromones, to program your subconscious to be more chemically sexually magnetic: more potent pheromones, increased pheromone release.

It has binaurals designed for sacral stimulation and genital stimulation, ASMR tantric breathing, fast hypnotic heart beat, subliminals for increased quality of pheromones plus erotic empowerment reiki and attraction mantras. For best results, listen for 21 to 40 days daily, then less often (once a week). You can throw it on at night if you desire or play in the background.

Pay attention to the changes from those around you 😉

The hypnosis will be arriving sometime soon…


By custom order, I created a track on erotic lucid dreams, an hfo and also a sleep hypnosis to take you to sleep to have some erotic lucid dreams. This is the generic version.

Lucid dreams are ones in which you realize you are dreaming while you are in the dream, and may be able to direct the dream. There are hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions to have an erotic lucid dream, control it, and remember the dream.

Triggers are the word pleasure, finger snaps, and lucid dream.

Long induction with fractionation, and is a multiple orgasm track

This was a very time intensive track, probably about 10 tracks running at that same time, and because the hfo track is to be listened to before bed, I instruct you to sleep and wake up refreshed when you desire, and have a lucid dream.

I decided to add the subliminal to the end, more of a true subliminal to not disturb sleep…

There are soft waves, synths, and rainfall as the background. I really hope you enjoy this one.

How to Cancel a Paid Membership

Membership is a recurring subscription, but you can cancel anytime

It would pain me for you to leave, and I am sure you won’t want to 😉

But if you must, here’s how to do it:

For canceling a subscription go to
just paste and go

it will show your membership page if you are logged in as a member and

you will see a way to update to update billing info, change or cancel

just choose the cancel option