Content Update -Make Porn Feel Real HFO

Please be patient, I am having a tech issue loading my files, but I am going to post the update while I keep trying…

A fun challenge presented to me…

Can I create triggers to help point of view porn, feel real?

Think a virtual reality type experience…and of course this is also an HFO.

So enjoy the experience, as you allow these triggers and suggestions to permeate your subconscious mind.
There is an accompanying subliminal to listen to, as you watch any point of view (pov) porn you desire to help the commands.

Cock worship, oral, sex…featuring fractionation to deepen trance, finger snaps, and also kinesthetic (touch) triggers.

Love to know how this works for you…x

Let Me Take Care of You HFO

This is a girlfriend experience HFO, loving, sensual, with lots of spooning. If you long for a safe have during these troubled times, if you want an erotic yet loving escape, this is the HFO for you. There are all the normal backgrounds and echoes, but also more inaudible subliminals throughout saying you are safe, secure, healthy, happy, and confident.

It has two purposes, to give you a warm loving hug of a… and also to reinforce feelings of increased happiness and safety.

This audio will be up by noon eastern standard time today.

This is the new track for today, I just realized picking ‘every Monday’ I may risk falling on other months, so I will revise this to loading up on the 1st, 7th, 14th and 28th, so look for more content over the next few days…

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