Bonus Track for October

I loaded up a track called Silver Fox HFO…have you ever wanted to emulate those cool, dapper men of the silver screen?

Solid gentlemen, rugged, yet sauve…a man’s man, and a man women loved?

Along the lines of sexual confidence, this enhances sexual confidence, sexual magnetism, suaveness, smoothness, being charming, being a gentleman.

Admired by men and pursued and adored by women.

(If these idols were a playboy, they did it charmingly and ethically leaving no false expectations or broken hearts…)

yes, the Temple Goddess 4 is coming, but I think this Silver Fox track might be building on the earlier theme this month of sexual confidence. So I am going to hold it over for the start of November.

Embrace your inner maleness, and inner Silver Fox.
Great for mature gentlemen, men seeking an edge and confidence, or just fans of this era of cool sophistication and male code…

(Please note the Kisses for Kegels loop bonus is also up now ….)

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