Bonus Content Hypnosis file voice over for Neural Nets/Pretty Patterns

Through my recent activity on Reddit, I encountered the hypnosis creator Neural Nets/Pretty Patterns, who asked if I could lend my voice to a hypnosis script SubLiminal he wrote, for his work on Patreon.

His work can be found here under Mind Eraser:

He is allowing me to share this finished work with you and have it posted here as well in the members area. It is not an HFO but has some lovely mind control/ femdom, mind going blank elements that I know some of you enjoy very much.

I had fun working with him, and I enjoy hearing from my members what kind of content you all enjoy.

I have had requests for leg worship/black panty hose, more submission with aftercare, and more energy work included in the files, as well as a file building confidence in bed.

Don’t hesitate to give feedback to the files posted, and to share any requests.

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