Content Update…Deepening Intimacy HFO and Subliminal Bonus Track

For September 14th 2020

This track, which is a generic version of a custom file, has many elements. A multiple orgasm hfo track, it could be used simply as a fantasy hfo file, but is meant to be used for an existing partner to help enhance your relationship and sex life.

This file has me playing a therapist to help you deepen the intimacy you share with your wife or partner. Some minor ménage/exhibitionism elements with me present, most of the track is focusing on you and your wife (or partner). Lots of audible and inaudible suggestions, and post hypnotic suggestions to have more intimacy, deeper love, and feelings between you, and for you to receive more cock worship and oral sex, and better orgasms for both partners.

Also, your cock getting larger each time your partner touches it. Fractionation in induction, this is a sleep hypnosis that does not bring you out of trance but allows you to sleep at the end.

Content Update Chakra Healing HFO

The upload today is a one hour file, that was a custom file I did for someone last year. I never made a generic file from it before.

yes, that is right this file is about one hour long, and has multiple chances to climax plus chakra and energy work in the file. There is a lot of energy healing type work/guided meditation in the first half of the file, then it becomes an explicit HFO experience with some variety in sexual content as well.

If you enjoy long files, multiple chances to climax…if you enjoy energy work or are curious about it….this is the file for you.

There will be an accompanying subliminal healing file loaded up in a day or two as bonus content.

Bonus Content Hypnosis file voice over for Neural Nets/Pretty Patterns

Through my recent activity on Reddit, I encountered the hypnosis creator Neural Nets/Pretty Patterns, who asked if I could lend my voice to a hypnosis script SubLiminal he wrote, for his work on Patreon.

His work can be found here under Mind Eraser:

He is allowing me to share this finished work with you and have it posted here as well in the members area. It is not an HFO but has some lovely mind control/ femdom, mind going blank elements that I know some of you enjoy very much.

I had fun working with him, and I enjoy hearing from my members what kind of content you all enjoy.

I have had requests for leg worship/black panty hose, more submission with aftercare, and more energy work included in the files, as well as a file building confidence in bed.

Don’t hesitate to give feedback to the files posted, and to share any requests.

Content Update Wicked Hypnotist Creates Craving for Leg Worship September 1st

What if your hypnotist wasn’t there to help you with your issue, but wanted to drive it deeper inside your mind?

This was based on a custom file, and it is a lot of fun. More of a role play for a Wicked Hypnotist, who I am sure may come out to play now and again.

Whether you love legs, or simply want to hear me being more stern and naughty, this will be a great track to listen to

New BONUS HFO for month of AUGUST

yes, it’s bonus time, and what will be make this a total of FIVE HFOS this month, (the other two HFOS will be loaded up on the 14th and 21st)

Can you resist my trance? or will resisting make you fall deeper instead? Can you resist my control and will to get you there? My voice leading you…

Some gentle femdom leading you where you want to go, some gentle mind messing to get you into trance…

Content Update for TantraGoddess888…

I have previously guaranteed three new files a month but I am updating that to 4 each month.

To allow more content, as of August, I will be updating one new file weekly on Mondays by noon Eastern Standard time. Each of these files will be an HFO, any files you see added that are not HFOs, such as subliminals, are simply bonus content, and do not count towards the four HFO file minimum.

This also allows new members joining mid month to look forward to new content added on a regular basis basis.

If anyone has any questions, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know, I hope the new HFO file a month will be welcome news…