Oops first of all…this is what happens during a pandemic, I did not even realize what day it was and then rushed to load up the content….lol.

I do have bonus content today too…

These tracks are all about what you know and love…breasts. Two breast worship themed tracks.

The HFO has some submission and femdom elements, drop down into trance by the thought of breasts, and this track has multiple chances to climax. This is a multiple orgasm track.

The Breast Worship Subliminal Conditioning Loop, also called Submit to Large Breasts, was a custom piece, and because of the overlapping themes I am including this as bonus content, but be aware the subliminal suggestions (audible and inaudible) are different, more about submission specifically to ‘large’ breasts, being more docile, and including the triggers of seeing illustrations and Hentai cartoons of large breasts which is not in the HFO.

If you enjoy breasts, if you enjoy some submission, these tracks are for you…

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