Content Update…Deepening Intimacy HFO and Subliminal Bonus Track

For September 14th 2020

This track, which is a generic version of a custom file, has many elements. A multiple orgasm hfo track, it could be used simply as a fantasy hfo file, but is meant to be used for an existing partner to help enhance your relationship and sex life.

This file has me playing a therapist to help you deepen the intimacy you share with your wife or partner. Some minor ménage/exhibitionism elements with me present, most of the track is focusing on you and your wife (or partner). Lots of audible and inaudible suggestions, and post hypnotic suggestions to have more intimacy, deeper love, and feelings between you, and for you to receive more cock worship and oral sex, and better orgasms for both partners.

Also, your cock getting larger each time your partner touches it. Fractionation in induction, this is a sleep hypnosis that does not bring you out of trance but allows you to sleep at the end.


Oops first of all…this is what happens during a pandemic, I did not even realize what day it was and then rushed to load up the content….lol.

I do have bonus content today too…

These tracks are all about what you know and love…breasts. Two breast worship themed tracks.

The HFO has some submission and femdom elements, drop down into trance by the thought of breasts, and this track has multiple chances to climax. This is a multiple orgasm track.

The Breast Worship Subliminal Conditioning Loop, also called Submit to Large Breasts, was a custom piece, and because of the overlapping themes I am including this as bonus content, but be aware the subliminal suggestions (audible and inaudible) are different, more about submission specifically to ‘large’ breasts, being more docile, and including the triggers of seeing illustrations and Hentai cartoons of large breasts which is not in the HFO.

If you enjoy breasts, if you enjoy some submission, these tracks are for you…

Pheromone Increase-Tantric Binaurals Subliminal

New for June …to be released on YouTube.

I had a request to make a pheromone release hypnosis, and this subliminal is part of it. Designed to increase the release of more pheromones, to program your subconscious to be more chemically sexually magnetic: more potent pheromones, increased pheromone release.

It has binaurals designed for sacral stimulation and genital stimulation, ASMR tantric breathing, fast hypnotic heart beat, subliminals for increased quality of pheromones plus erotic empowerment reiki and attraction mantras. For best results, listen for 21 to 40 days daily, then less often (once a week). You can throw it on at night if you desire or play in the background.

Pay attention to the changes from those around you 😉

The hypnosis will be arriving sometime soon…