Pheromone Increase Hypnosis Added for July

The accompanying non erotic hypnosis for the Pheromone Increase Tantric Subliminal was added yesterday.

No it is not an HFO, but it is designed to help you secrete more pheromones, have more tantalizing pheromones to increase your sexual attractiveness and magnetism and works well with the subliminal.

This version has no binaurals, but if I hear feedback requests, I can load up the binaurals version too that is available in the shop….

Full of subliminals all on its own, with hypnotic and post hypnotic as a hypnosis track, this Pheromone Increase attraction hypnosis is an immersive plan–particularly when paired with the Pheromone Tantric Subliminal–to make your pheromones and magnetism a compelling, erotic brew to others in your life….

Remember, for best results, listen to the subliminal daily for 21 to 40 days, the hypnosis should be listened to twice a week at least for 3 to 4 weeks, even listening as you sleep helps with saturating your subconscious with commands….

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