By custom order, I created a track on erotic lucid dreams, an hfo and also a sleep hypnosis to take you to sleep to have some erotic lucid dreams. This is the generic version.

Lucid dreams are ones in which you realize you are dreaming while you are in the dream, and may be able to direct the dream. There are hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions to have an erotic lucid dream, control it, and remember the dream.

Triggers are the word pleasure, finger snaps, and lucid dream.

Long induction with fractionation, and is a multiple orgasm track

This was a very time intensive track, probably about 10 tracks running at that same time, and because the hfo track is to be listened to before bed, I instruct you to sleep and wake up refreshed when you desire, and have a lucid dream.

I decided to add the subliminal to the end, more of a true subliminal to not disturb sleep…

There are soft waves, synths, and rainfall as the background. I really hope you enjoy this one.

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