Bonus File for August

Do you want more submission instead of soothing?

In complete opposite to the other file for August, I am loading up a bonus file. Someone came for a subliminal file and wanted a loop, similar to some work from Shibby. This is a Kegel Exercise Orgasm denial, and I called it a hybrid because it has more scripting and hypnotic factors than a typical subliminal I have done. It has quite a bit of hypnosis elements, looping around. There is no command to release and have an hfo in this, it is an orgasm denial clip, so be aware that it enhances chastity and having a climax only when receiving that instruction by me.

Please be careful using the file, there are a lot of exercise instructions for a large period of time, to do kegels, you should only do it to your comfort. I am also willing, if given the feedback to make a shorter file, if anyone desires it, as this is a bit intense….


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