Hypnotically Hand Cuffed for Pleasure HFO

This new HFO track will be loaded up to the site by 6pm Eastern Standard time today, and will be debuting on youtube tomorrow by 10 am Eastern Standard time.

It is an erotic hypnosis Hfo with hypnotic commands to lock your hands with hypnotic hand cuffs.

If you enjoy a woman taking control, or just want to explore this theme for about 30 minutes, this is the track for you.

What will I do, once I have you in my cuffs?

It may be a bit more advanced, but I have tested this on a few subjects that have told me it works well.

Please note, the directions are only during the session, and there are NO post hypnotic suggestions with this one for obvious reasons.

I love to hear your feedback with this one!

How to Cancel a Paid Membership

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It would pain me for you to leave, and I am sure you won’t want to 😉

But if you must, here’s how to do it:

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To My Valued Members

Just a quick hello from me, and more about membership

Thank you for subscribing to a paid membership. This helps support my work and provides me with more time to create more content.

I noticed some of you used the subscribe button for updates, so I thought I would make updates through my new blog. For the month of June and onward, I will be notifying to anyone subscribed to blog updates, about new released material in the members area and shop.

That way you can be alerted once new material comes out.

I will also be adding any new youtube files here a day ahead of youtube release.

For a monthly bonus, I will be running a 10 percent discount for those of you that enjoy purchasing mp3s through the shop until the end of May.

That will require a special discount code to obtain the discount, that you must write me to obtain, so I can verify your membership.

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Welcome to my new Website

Welcome to TantraGoddess888 Erotic Hypnosis

Thank you for visiting my site. I am glad you are here with me…

If erotic hypnosis is new to you, please browse the site and be sure to check out my adult youtube channel for plenty of free content.

I am a certified hypnotist, I go by TantraGoddess888 when doing erotic hypnosis. I chose the name TantraGoddess888 because of my varied background; in addition to hypnosis, I have studied the metaphysical and spirituality for many years, and I am a certified Reiki Master, among many other healing modalities. And yes, I know some Tantra.

I incorporate healing into some of the tracks, and at times I will work directly with chakras.

Some of my fans love this aspect of my work, some of you sensitive to subtle energies have reached out to me to tell me how much you love this aspect of my work…but there is nothing wrong with simply enjoying the sensual pleasure of pure eroticism and surrendering to my voice….

I am going to use this blog to write about erotic hypnosis and related topics, talk about my work, and to make announcements to visitors, and to my valued members who support my work, including when I release new content, have bonuses or discounts running.

I am glad you visited, and I know you enjoy listening to my work.