About Erotic Hypnosis

Let me seduce your mind…

Imagine the possibilities.

Hypnosis is a way to access the subconscious mind, where a great deal of magic happens.

Have you ever experienced a wet dream?

It is very similar. During a dream state, your subconscious mind believed the experience to be real, and allowed you to experience it as though it was truly happening. You were fully immersed and felt all the wonderful sensations and pleasure, to the point of an exquisite climax.

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real, and what is not.

Unlike the conscious mind which will question everything, the subconscious mind believes what you tell it to be true. Hypnosis is a tool to reach the subconscious mind, and can very powerfully help change beliefs and habits for that reason, as this is where beliefs are stored. That is the goal of therapeutic hypnosis.

Erotic hypnosis is for pleasure.

Hands free orgasm, or HFO, is erotic hypnosis designed for you to experience pleasure and reach a powerful sexual climax. Men experience this as full ‘wet’ orgasm or a ‘dry’ energetic orgasm. Both are powerful, and both feel incredible. This can allow you to even experience multiple orgasms.

In addition to pleasure, I often combine a therapeutic approach by adding in post hypnotic suggestions to experience stronger erections and climaxes afterward. Erotic hypnosis can easily help you make some positive changes in your love life, and more.

If you have not yet experienced the pleasure, please check out my adult youtube page for free content to get a taste for what I do. Although, my premium work off of youtube, is generally sexier and more explicit, with longer more complex files, and deals with more themes including multiple orgasms, prostate play, menage, darker submission, fetish and more. I also love gentler themes of girl friend experience.

I offer released and unreleased mp3 tracks for purchase, or access it all online through the membership listening library.

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