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When you subscribe at SubscribeStar/Adult, for my profile, you can access my online content here, at the level of your membership tier of monthly support.

I make all content update announcements on my profile, and host the content here, because there is not enough space there for my big, delicious audio files…lol.

If you haven’t yet, you must contact me to set you up with a member log in, that allows you access to all of your content at your support tier.

You will be charged by paying through SubscribeStar, which is set to -auto-renew every 30 days like any typical subscription service, but you can cancel or make changes to your member level. I am not doing the billing, so please be sure to read everything there regarding payments.

You must let me know so I can update appropriately on my end any changes to subscription.

You cannot sign up as a new member for my membership site, you must visit my profile here: TantraGoddess888 on to subscribe, as they handle the billing. Please read their terms and conditions if you are new to their site.

I will have other methods of payment available in the next few weeks too, if SubscribeStar does not suit. Their billing, I am told is discreet simply as SubscribeStar. No other info given.

Lightly Under go to Lightly Under page for Content

Lightly Entrance to Lightly Entranced page for content

Entranced Legacy go to Member Audio Library 1 , 2, and 3

Mesmerized go to Member Audio Library 1 , 2, and 3

My Entranced Pet go to Member Audio Library 1 ,2, and 3 *Other bonuses through your email at this level

My Enhanced Pet go to Member Audio Library 1, 2, and 3 * Other bonuses through your email at this level