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My membership site has moved.

About memberships

Currently I was doing still offering my monthly premium membership at 7.99, those members who had VIP for 3 months, at 21 dollars, I am keeping as a legacy membership, I will offer to those existing members still please contact me directly for invoicing.

What you receive for those memberships, is 4 hfo files a month updated on the 1st, 7th, 14th, and 21st, and often a bonus in terms of extra content, a draw, discount or contest. You receive access in the form of an online listening library, to almost my entire body of work. Things that were only at the shop previously. There are a few things that are not available, any exclusive content that is only offered one to one, or such speciality items like Erotic Seduction Energy Technique that are not hfo files.

If you want to have regular access and updates to my files, and don’t need a downloadable mp3 to own, this is a great way to have access to my content.

Buying files can be costly and requires frequent purchases to have new content, but rest assured this is also available too, just contact me if looking for the mp3s for purchase.

Like many subscription services, memberships are set to auto renew, every 30 days unless otherwise indicated, but you can cancel anytime, change levels if available, change billing information and more.

If you visit the new domain, and land on the member audio library page 1 or member audio library 2 seen on the menu, you will be asked to log in to view content.

Joining is easy, you will see an option on those pages next to the log in, join now and you can subscribe through there.

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