About Membership

  • November 30th UPDATE please be aware my processing services may be temporarily disabled while I update to a new provider; this effects the shop too, sorry for the inconvenience but message me and I will see what I can do for you, as the update is being completed

Imagine my voice seductively in your ear, any time you desire…

I have previously only offered unreleased content in my shop. This website holds all my youtube content, PLUS unreleased content that was only available if you purchased the mp3 file through my store.

Membership gives you online listening access to all my files, (with the exception of Erotic Seduction Energy Technique AKA Lust Spell), and allows great ease to move back and forth between different hot, erotic content, while allowing an overview of all the content you love in one place.

Please note, this is a listening library, with audio players, and you must be online and logged in to access them. None of the files are downloadable. If you want to own a mp3, or personalize an mp3, please see my shop.

In terms of memberships, this is a website run by WordPress. To access the files, if you don’t have an existing WordPress account it will make you log in there too. Sometimes people have inadvertently set up different logins through my site, and WordPress, which will create problems.

To make it easy, simply go here and set up your WordPress account FIRST https://wordpress.com/

Then come back and set up a paid membership, as you will already be logged in.

Some of the benefits of membership is a wide variety of files to listen to, any time you desire. Plus, access to new, different content added every month. Starting from the month of August, I will be adding 4 new files a month, one each week, on the first, seventh, 14th, and 21st by noon Eastern Standard time. These will be HFOs, any other files not of this category, such as subliminal are bonus content. There will be discounts, draws, or bonuses every month.

There are two levels currently, Premium, and VIP, that are simply based on time frame, Premium is monthly, and VIP is quarterly (three month) membership. Membership is 7.99 usd per month or 21.00 usd per three months, but the first month of Premium starts at 3.99 per month, before it switches to 7.99 a month thereafter.

Based on feedback and requests, I have just added a new level called My Pet, which is a monthly submission themed membership, for those craving submission to Me. It is 20 dollars a month., and features access to the member audio library PLUS a personal welcome audio message from Me, one monthly downloadable mp3 submission themed file that is received by email, and not available in the shop or on the site. Weekly tasks given by audio mp3 delivery, and after care message. Twice Weekly contact.

As the shop, this is processed securely through stripe processing and they accept credit card payments at this time. Please note, I have updated my billing name for credit card statements to be a more generic name made of letters and numbers, and stating hypnosis.

You can cancel your subscription anytime, but I am sure as you enter deeper into my hypnotic web, you won’t wish to leave…

Still have questions about membership? Have an existing membership and need to make a change? See this guide: