Personalizing a Hypnosis or Conditioning Track

What could be better than hearing me whisper right to you….

What could be sexier, more arousing than to hear your name whispered throughout the file you are listening to? To hear my seductive voice speaking softly in your ears, saying your name… to hear sexy moans, and your name called out?

It’s very easy, I can add this to the file of your choice as an additional asmr track.

If you have bought the file previously, the charge is simply for the personalization service. Otherwise, the mp3 charge for the track, is additional.

The personalization service is 20 normally, but you can also receive two for 35 usd now as a member

One file

The deal is on the members page for 2 files

If you want to hear something else, please chat with me first. I can see if its possible to put in the track you wish, and if there is extra work involved, let you know the additional charge.

I will be running this throughout June as well. The turn around time would be one to two weeks.


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